Top 5 Locations For Outdoor Wedding Shoot In Lahore

This wedding day is a special day for each of couple out there. On this wedding day, each and every minute and each single second carries much charm and special power in it. Couple make each single effort to make their wedding day more unique and more memorable for them. But how can they do that? We can tell you an easy way.

Your wedding day will all be dull and incomplete one if it will be without a proper wedding and a couple photo shoot. So have you decided any interesting location for this photo shoot? Have you finalized and decided any of the interesting and fantastic looking views and spots for this wedding shoot of yours? Here we are sharing and will be telling you top and best 5 locations in Lahore which are hence perfect for a couple shoot.

We know that this couple photo shoot is the most important part of any wedding and most of the couples get quite conscious and confused that which location they should choose for their photo shoot. Below are top 5 locations for you which are located in Lahore:

1. Lahore Fort

On the first spot, we have Lahore Fort location for you. It is a traditional spot for couples. If couples will take and have their wedding pictures in Lahore Fort then they will get this feeling as they belong to the Mughal time. If you want to give Mughal effect in your wedding shootpictures then here is an awesome location for you. Just take back your wedding time right to Mughal time and era and feel like king and queen.

2. Badshahe Masjid

Then to have an extraordinary couple shoot, you can select this location for your photo shoot. This location can give a magnificent effect to your pictures. This mosque has lots of interesting spots for you, its view and spots are covered with traditional and ethnic ambiance. Even many couples hold their nikkah ceremony in this mosque.

3. Bahria Town Masjid

Couples can even go to Bahria town Masjid so that they can have their wedding shoot. It is another exemplary looking mosque and people like to use it for their wedding shoots purpose. But before you finalize this spot to be used for your wedding photo shoot, you need to get permission too.

4. Bahria Town Eiffel Tower

On the fourth spot, we have this romantic location and spot for couples out there so that they can have their couple shoot from this location and get it done. We know that we cannot have our wedding photo shoot in Paris, France but we can get this feel over here. Bahria Town Eiffel Tower is a symbol of love and romance and what can be the other best and perfect place to get your photo shoot done over here.

5. Baghe Jinnah

Then lastly how can we forget about this location Baghe Jinnah! It is one of the soothing locations and you will feel lot of calm and soothing ambiance over here. Many couples even come from other cities other than that of Lahore so that they can capture these special memories of their wedding day. It is a decent location for your wedding photo shoot and you can have and finalize it for your photo shoot processing.

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