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Photography is one of the most beautiful art forms, which is adept at showing its charms in different specters of colors, angles, viewing points and light details. All of your most magical life moments can be captured with the help of our photography company “Darkroom clicks”. We offer you the best service, using the most modern equipment there is, with the utmost respect to you, your time, wishes and your personal envision of the photographs, and we are glad to incorporate your ideas and make you feel even more special in the precious moments of your life.

Our clients have trust in us when it comes to showing us their most intimate family moments, without the risk of invading their privacy or ruining the pricelessness of their special moments. Our team is made of highly professional people, and we guarantee that you will be pleased with both the pictures and our co-operation.

Wedding Photography

We as a team are especially motivated whenever we encounter a couple planning a wedding, which is why we will be a great addition to your organization of the wedding celebration.  We find our inspiration in your love, emotions and beauty in general. The ruffles on your wedding dress, smiles of your respected guests, the loving gaze your bride gives you during the first dance, first kiss as a married couple and all the other details which make that day magical – you can be sure that those moments will be captured by the best wedding photographers in Lahore, wedding photographers in Islamabad, etc.

Birthday Photography

Your birthdays are also a wonderful occasion to celebrate with your loved ones, your family and friends. This is the time of the year when you are one year older, but also wiser and more fulfilled and accomplished. Our team of the best birthday photographers in Lahore, birthday photographers in Islamabad, etc. will make sure that you remember that particular day in many, many years to come, as we will capture your reactions while opening the presents, the congratulations of the invited people, dances, laughs, smiles, and also, the outfit that you wore on the day you turned 18, or the day you turned 50.

Kids Photography

It is commonly known that the children are the jewels of the world, and our team is one of those who can effectively capture that beauty and cause a wave of warmth and care when you see your kids portrait. With our lens during the kids shoot, we will capture beautiful moments filled with love and children smiles. We will be extra attentive around your children; we will also have much patience with them, as the work with kids is really special to us, considering the amount of positive energy, spontaneity and cheerfulness they keep around themselves at all times.

Corporate Photography

We are also highly experienced when it comes to corporate event photography; we can provide you with top-notch corporate event coverage, by doing a corporate shoot. Our photo-albums can include pictures of your employees and employers, your corporate events, celebrations, receptions and all the other events; we are ready for every event possible. Pictures will be highly formal, ready for all sorts of publications and presentations. We will be subtle in our attire, and your guests will not feel bothered by the cameras at any point, as we guarantee high levels of professionalism. Be sure that your company will be presented in the best possible light.

Newborn Baby Photography

The most special moment in life is the day you become a parent. We offer you all sorts of arrangement, for example, newborn baby shoot and maternity photo shoot; all your ideas can come to life with the help of our professional team. During the newborn photo shoot, we will minimize disruptions to the baby; she/he will not even sense that we are there as we capture with our lenses the precious, intimate bond between parents and their newborn. The baby shoot will put the accent on the baby, with soft, delicate light, and the baby’s safety will be a priority.

Event Photography

Whether you organize or attend a party, a sports event, a concert, an anniversary, an art performance, you can count on us to deliver a set of wonderful pictures. Every other event of importance to you – we got you covered. Don’t hesitate to call us if you want assistance with any school & college events photography, sport event photography, or any of the other community events photography. Santa is coming to a visit, you are having a retiring party, you got a promotion on your job and you wish to celebrate, you just got engaged – we are there to capture the pricelessness of those moments.

Bridal Shoot

Every bride wants to feel special on her wedding day. It’s the day in which she is the most important figure, she is the priority, and her wishes are on top of the list. With our bridal photo shoot, the bride will be the priority, her beautiful wedding dress, her hair and makeup, the bouquet of roses – all of those will be captured beautifully during the bride photo shoot. We will make you feel even more special when we deliver the photos of the bride shoot to you; you will feel as you are reliving that day and that same deep sentiment again.

Model Shoot

In the era of selfies, where every other person is the same, only people who are looking for something different are deciding to try something more. Everyone deserves to show themselves in the best way, which is why people often choose a bold shoot or a model photo shoot. Also, a great portfolio for a model is represented by excellent photos, which is why you should choose us as your photographers for your portfolio shoot. If you own a fashion business, we can help your marketing by doing a fashion brand shoot, for which we offer experience and creativity during the process.

Family Shoot

Your kids are growing fast. Time flies and you realize you are missing on the pictures, as you’re mostly the one who takes the photos. We have a solution – a family portrait shoot. Grandparents, parents and kids – three generations in one photo, is there anything more precious, or more fun? That same portrait will be a dear memory to everyone. While shooting, there is always an option for additional couple portrait or individual kid portrait; there are plenty possibilities and we guarantee enjoyment, laugh, and a great memory for everyone involved, and, also, the hanging on the wall as a reminder of the fun times.

Cinematic Videography

With our team of professionals, by using the cinematic videography, the story of your special event will be presented through pictures, music and speeches. Every highlight of the day will be captured and you will have only the best moments caught on tape. Our craft is unmatchable, and our team of highly skillful and professional videographers and editors will make sure you are maximally satisfied with the product received. The story of the event we covered will reflect the style of the customers, and you will not feel our presence as we will try to keep the subtleness while capturing the most important moments of your life.

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