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Here at Darkroom Clicks, we aim at guaranteeing customer satisfaction with our team of expert photographers. The equipment used by our professionals beats the industry standard of photography in United Arab Emirates. Time and class are equally essential pillars of photography. Our delivery times are unmatched by rivals, and the quality would exceed expectations.

We work actively with our clients to capture their most precious moments in our lenses. Our team of photographers has been trained to be respectful of the privacy of our customers in their many small special moments that usually don’t happen again and again.

We provide many special packages at an affordable price point for our customers. Darkroom Clicks aims at being on the speed dial for all your photography needs. With years of experience on our back in the industry, we have been working to build a rapport with our customers.

Our photographers have always maintained this relationship of trust and continually delivered on it. So, What are you waiting for? Book your photoshoots in advance for 2024 and 2025 right now and get the best possible Packages.

Our team of hardworking members appreciates the beauty of love. You can rest assured that everything will be handled professionally to ensure your satisfaction.

UAE weddings are a grandeur to experience that demands a skilled photography team to capture every highlight of this experience. The occasion of a nikkah, engagement, or wedding is a great motivator for us at darkroom clicks because love demands perfection. While you as a couple of vow to be there for each other forever, we vow to provide you with the snippets of memory from your big day.

Our team of photographers is always ready with their hands on the camera to capture the bustling guests, the toasts by your close ones and more importantly find a way to lock the love of the bride and groom in these picture frames.

Birthdays are an auspicious occasion in all our lives. Your loved ones, family, and friends all join forces to make the day memorable for you. We aim at capturing these moments of love and joy on your special day so that you can look back at them as a vivid memory.

Our dedicated team of the most skilled birthday photographers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE would work their magic behind the lenses while you have a blast. We can cover birthday parties of all age groups. The look on your face is priceless while you’re cutting the cake for your birthday with all your close ones around and our professionals are always on their toes to make sure it is made permanent with their top of the line cameras.

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When you’re traveling, it’s not feasible to carry around all the heavy camera equipment yourself. Well, now you can rely on us to do that for you. Our team of traveling vacation photographer In dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & all around UAE would steal those unforgettable moments in their cameras.

While visiting the UAE, you can bank on our services to take photos of you in the many picturesque locations. All you have to do is just post the pictures on your social media for your friends and family to see. Our professional team would capture your best moments from the trip. The photos are processed and managed according to the time frame of your visit so that you can leave with tons of memories and stunning pictures.

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Whether it be corporate meetings, office parties, Farewell ceremonies, we can handle it all. Formal shoots are a part of building a company’s profile. Our team of professionals works silently in the formal environment to ensure zero disturbance to your proceedings. The photographers can also help to take high-quality photos of the services that are offered by you to add to your business brochures. We aim at meeting the level of professionalism necessary to be portrayed in your office photos. The pictures clicked by the darkroom clicks team would help to portray to the viewers that you mean business.

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Becoming a parent is a huge step in one’s life. It is a special moment that words can’t, but pictures taken by us can! We aim at capturing every emotion that you feel when you are about to venture in the journey of parenthood.

Whether it be baby shower shoots or pre and post delivery shoots, our team works with pure grace to help bring all your thoughts into pixels. Our goal is to be as delicate as possible with your newborn, and we have special light equipment in place to ensure 100% ease for your infant.

Photographs are the highlights of any event. Whether it be a party, an art exhibition, fashion showscorporate eventsmeetingsworkshops and seminars, we here are darkroom clicks have the expertise and knowledge to cover everything. We work for both personal and community events. If you are an individual looking for event coverage for their parties or a school which needs photographers to cover their annual events like sports day, functions, farewells our professionals would work hard to get you the best pictures. Just got hooked? Have to say your goodbyes to your peers at work on your farewell? We’re going to be at your service to capture every emotion.

Sensual photography can be a step forward in your career. Our dedicated team of photography experts handles boudoir photo shoots with extreme professionalism to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe.

Erotica and sensual shoots are matters of intimate privacy, and our professionals ensure to get you the best results. Boudoir photography is a delicate form of art and we, here at darkroom clicks ensure that you can trust us to help you better portray.

This suggestive form of sensualizing is not natural to master, but years of experience in the field has made us one of the best boudoir photographer in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi UAE.

Building a profile for modeling can be a tough task. In this era of selfies and editing, it has become simpler for everyone to look decent in their pictures. With darkroom clicks, you can add an edge to your modeling profile. Everything from bold shoots to model photography is covered by our expert photographers to help you build a better portfolio than everyone else.

We work with individuals as well as Fashion firms — our trained professionals in the business help to capture you and your clothes in the most artistic light. The creative team helps you to portray yourself uniquely. Choosing us as your means of speaking through fashion is going to be a stepping stone in skyrocketing your career and business profile.

Gatherings, where the entire family meets, is a rare occasion. It takes us a while to realize that time flies when we end up some close members of the family in those reunions. The kids grow up fast, and old age consumes the wise ones in your family.

Our team helps to capture your happy moments with the family and to immortalize the bond that you share. Our family photoshoot focusses on every member of your family. Whether it be a couple shoot or the confluence of the different generations, we are going to be on our toes to capture everyone. These pictures are going to be with you forever as a reminder of the times that you spent with your loved ones.

Dubai is a city that’s always hustling. All your events in the city can be covered by our professional Photographer In Dubai team who do more than just photography. Our services are focussed on videography, event coverage, music, picture framing, and much more.

We record and process your pictures and videos with top of the line equipment and editing software. The highly skilled team of men behind the cameras will help to tell your stories to generations to come with high-quality videos from your events.

The motto of darkroom clicks is to provide complete customer satisfaction and quality services. No compromises are made on our part, and we ensure that our team doesn’t disturb your event. We work with subtle grace, and our presence would be minimalistic, leading to no impacts on your important moments.

The city of Abu Dhabi is known for its skyscrapers and historical mosques. We are going to be there to capture you at your best moments in the city with its breathtaking background. The island city of Abu Dhabi is the most precious place to get your photos clicked.

With years of experience on the back, we have expertise in complete event coverage through our videography and skilled team of photographer in Abu Dhabi. We have assembled a team of some of the best photographers and videographers in the business. Professionally trained tech enthusiasts edit all our images and videos.

Our team can even travel out of the city with their movie grade equipment according to your needs. Darkroom clicks work dedicatedly to provide you with the best customer service.

Sharjah is the cultural capital of UAE has its traditions rooted deep within its alleyways and people. Darkroom clicks have a dedicated team of photographer in Sharjah to capture you and glorify all the history of the city along with you. The beaches, the mosques, the royal palace and all the places where you can get we cover amazing photographs throughout the city.

Our skilled team captures all of your personal and business events in the city. The competition in the photography industry in the town is quite high; This is why we work hard to be the most suitable option for you. Our reliable and professional attitude towards our customers makes us the best in the business. Rest assured that the team of photographers and videographers will cover your occasions with subtlety.

Expo 2020 Dubai advance booking

The Expo 2020 is going to be one of the largest multi-nation meets held in Dubai ever. If you are one of the members participating need the best photographs, then darkroom clicks have got you covered. Our expertise in covering events like these have been tested time and time again with many projects.

We at darkroom clicks look forward to taking on this enormous task spread over six months with precision. Covering the 438-Hectare area of the expo grounds would be a cakewalk for our team of photographers who are known to put in their heart and soul into finding the best picture perfect moments.

Since the Expo 2020 is going to be a massive project, the bookings for the same are already in motion. Check out our plans right now to experience the most seamless photography experience.


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