Wedding Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

Due to corona the entire wedding industry is on stack, all are eagerly waiting to wedding season 2021 when people will allow planning their wedding. Wedding is very special day in everyone’s life. These days all wedding are now turned into close Nikkah ceremony with small gatherings at home. It seems as 2021 will be busiest year ever of wedding as many are waiting for corona to finish as they want to celebrate their wedding in a huge way and not as small family gatherings.

Trends of 2021 wedding will be influenced by corona virus lockdown 2020. There will be trend of two sets of weddings coming out one who wish to have micro weddings focus on a light scale and on nearest and dearest people a small gathering. Maxi weddings on the other hand will be for ones who have passion of celebrating their day with everyone having a big guest list. It seems the busiest year as many weddings has been postponed from this year 2020. A big trend emerging is of couples putting their own personality and interest on their big day and it seems a unique wedding. Many see it as a return of traditional style of weddings. 

 Weddings are enormous and they can last for days. It is one of the biggest days in anyone’s life so they start planning it years ago.

Many trends of 2010 are now fading away a new wave; a new trend is arousing as all weddings are planned according to covid-19. Buffet has been a drop due to Covid-19 precautionary measures before it was the traditional way of serving in big weddings. Now everybody choose self serve buffets.

Wedding Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

 Couples are now taking a simple approach to their wedding. Open seating has become very popular and a rise in having small venues in getting on demand. Popularity of day time event and early afternoon is becoming the new trend. Locations are now becoming more personal.

Relax and informal weddings are becoming more popular. Pre wedding videography is a new trend emerging in 2021 weddings .There are many people who are planning a smaller wedding this year and having a wedding celebration in next year. It’s feeling like weddings are heading towards informal, relaxed events. Rich and natural colors will be very much in to see in weddings 2021.There is seen a big interest in traditional and vintage wedding dresses.

Cinematic, filmic look trends are more in popularity when it comes to photography. Like wedding trends, décor, venues gathering are changing photography trends have also changed. Wedding photographers should also be aware of new trends of 2021 wedding as it is very important to capture heart whelming pictures. Pre-wedding shoots are on trend. Couples are looking for something different and unique. Relax and informal gathering are more common in the same way relax and informal wedding photography is a new trend. Relax photos instead of capturing the perfect poses and formal stage pictures.

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