How to Create a Buy & Sell Website

Maintaining a buy and sell website gives you the flexibility to operate anywhere in the world. Consumers are going online to find deals they may not find by physically driving to their local stores. Properly setting up an attractive website that targets many customers willing to buy and sell their goods can create a lucrative stream of income.

How to Create a Buy & Sell Website?

Choose a domain name. A domain name is similar to an address to a local business. For example, Domain names can cost as low as one dollar and up for a yearly fee. Visit sites like or to purchase your domain. Research and select a web host for your website. A web host maintains servers with large amounts of memory to handle your traffic, images and other packets of information that is stored on your website. Prices vary per web host, but expect to pay as little as three dollars and up. is an example of a web host. POLICE CLEAR DIRECTOR SUBHASH GHAI’S CLEAN CHIT IN FLUFFY CASE Design your website or hire a freelance web designer to do the work for you. If you lack web-designing experience, you can hire a freelance web designer from sites like or Or you can purchase software like Site–Build–It or Xsitespro, which assist in building a website. Include a "shopping cart" on your website. Shopping cart software allows customers to either click on a single or multiple items to buy and/or sell, and then navigates them to a payment gateway to buyy for their items. Check with your web host to determine if they have shopping carts available. Otherwise you can use free shopping carts like Zen Cart. Determine what method of payment you will be accepting for buyers and sellers. You can integrate PayPal into your website or Google Checkout. Neither site requires any upfront payments, but a percentage of each transaction will be charged. Check with your local bank to determine if they offer merchant accounts. A merchant account will allow you to accept major credit cards, which will directly deposit the funds into your account within one or two business days. Establish effective advertising for your buy/sell website. Utilize forums, Google Adwords and banner ads to generate traffic to your website. Your web host may also have search engine optimization tools to allow your site to be among the top 10 sites that come up in a search engine when your customers input various keywords. SINGER MIKA SINGH ARRESTED IN DUBAI FOR TAMPERING WITH MINOR There are a number of website marketplaces online which you can think of as an eBay for websites. People who want to sell their sites go here and list all the relevant details they feel prospective buyers need. Those who want to invest in websites browse for and purchase the types of sites they want. My favourite website marketplaces include sites like Flippa and Digitalpoint. There are many more and a Google search will uncover plenty of smaller ones for you, but these two tend to be the most active. I don’t purchase too many sites from Digitalpoint as they’re generally too small for what I’m looking for but do find some worthwhile investments on Flippa. There are tons of new websites being added to their site everyday so I don’t mind sharing these resources with so many people.   These marketplaces are generally the best way to buy sites but note that places like Flippa charge up to 5% of the transaction fee simply for being the ‘middleman’ in the process. If you find a site that is a worthy investment, however, the fee should be small compared to the potential income you could be making. I don’t always buy websites in marketplaces; sometimes I’ll go to site owners directly and see if they are looking to sell. For example, if I find a site on Flippa that is ranking well for a certain keyphrase in Google and it’s making a lot of money, I might not always be able to purchase it for what I consider is a fair price — some bidders are happy to wait over 3 years for a return on their investment.