Amazing Pakistani Wedding Photo Shoot Trends

Just like the fashion clothing trends are changing all the time, in the same way, there is certain trend form of changes that are being witnessed inside the photo shoot styles as well. As you would be carrying out to look around, you will be getting closer with so many of the latest and amazing trends of the wedding photo shoot that would force you to try it once for your main wedding day as well. Read more

Pakistan Wedding Show Will Be There In Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad & Sialkot

Readers are welcome at the page that will provide you information about Pakistan wedding show 2018. It is the major event in four cities listed below with dates. Read more

Wedding photography From Tradition To Fashion

The history of wedding photography shows its relevance and acceptance level in every society. Every married couple is founded with two ways. The first way is acceptance at parents’ level before boy or girl level. It is traditional way of wedding known as arrange marriage. Read more

Brief Advice to Photographers to Help Them Get Through a Wedding Day

As a photographer handling a wedding day is very stressful. You need to meet the demands of the couple by capturing those key moments on the ceremony and the reception, and you also need to take pictures of nearly all guests while keeping in mind all the little details regarding logistics that makes your photography unique. Read more

Hire Photographer for Ramadan Iftar Party

Have you been in search to hire a photographer for the Ramadan iftar parties? If yes, then you do not have to search around here and there because we as Darkroom Clicks are all here in giving you best of the services of the photographing for making your Ramadan iftar party special to look for. We all know that as soon as the month of Ramadan starts off all the families and friends begins on the plans of the iftar party with their mates.

But in order to add some spice and extra special effect in the iftar party, we have the services of photography for you at the reasonable rates. We have the complete team of professional and experienced photographers to add a new life in your iftar part for sure. If you are arranging the iftar party at some grand level or on some office based conditions, then our team of professionals will reach before you on the location on time.

You just have to guide them with the location and photography capturing sequences and the rest of the work will be in our custody for sure. We are sure that at the end of the day you won’t be feeling regret on taking our photography services.  We have already started the advance booking session for the Ramadan iftar party so make sure that you are the first one to knock out photography experience.  We are reasonable with the rates and best with the quality results.

Ramadan Mubarak!!!!!!!!!


Brides Groom Dulha Dulhan Photography

Have you ever think about giving your bridal groom photography pictures with the different concept and outlook appearance?  Just like for any bride and groom, their wedding dress is among the most favorite one, in the similar way for them the photoshoot of the main wedding day do hold the significant importance and value as well.  They are always in the mind thought to add their wedding day with the best picture shoot impact so that they can forever capture the idealistic and best moments of their wedding in the picture framing. So here we are with some of the magnificent and best bride groom photography picture ideas for you that you need to worth consider out for the main wedding day! Check them out all!

  • You can capture the breath-taking view of the sun shining through a heart. This will look so romantic and gives the sign of the new start of the life journey.
  • You can even carry out with the involvement of the aerial view of the wedding dress in all its glory. This will look so superb and magnificent to talk about.
  • The most romantic picnic blanket ever is another one of the high scale of best ideas to catch out for the bridal photoshoot pictures. This would be love looking!
  • To add your photoshoot with some uniqueness, it would be ideal to make it add up with the taste of the three generations of the women.
  • You can often consider out as choosing with the perfect and amazing looking symmetric family photo. This is worth to talk about all the time.
  • You can even put yourself in the involvement of the shot where you are hence surrounded by the people you love a lot. This will be giving them a feeling that finally you are getting away from them all.
  • The concept to draw the heart on the ground by using the chalk so your guests know where to stand. This is so incredible looking!
  • It would be a remarkable idea to carry out with the shot of the couple before the wedding, as about reading each other’s letters. How interesting it is!
  • A from below angle side of the shot of the bridesmaids’ toast is another one of the best things to try out in your wedding photoshoot pictures.
  • It would be best to think about carrying out the pleasant and adorable looking shot of the bride with the flower girl.
  • Adding up with the idea of capturing the first look not just with the groom, but with dad is another lovely concept to think about.

Well likewise all such ideas we are hence left with so many more options as well such as first look with the bridesmaids or the photo of your guests giving you a privacy secrets or some interesting and goofy photos of the groomsmen, dancing in an aerial view or the photo with photos of your parents’ wedding days.

Which one is your favorite?

How to Start a Wedding Photography Business In Pakistan

As it is all the more a known fact that with the passage of time the demand and popularity of the photo shoot business is getting high in success and popularity! Almost each single wants to know that how you can easily get on with the starting of the business on the easiest terms that is related with the photo shoot.

Well, when establishing the photo shoot business, there are so many minor and major things which you do need to keep in mind. You should know that whether you want to start the business from home or from the assistance of the team members. This is an important question to learn it all through!

Right below we will be explaining out with some of the important guidelines which you should be discussing around when it comes to the start up of the photography wedding business in Pakistan.

Types of Services You Will Offer:

You should know the varied types of the services that are to be given away in the wedding photography business. Almost all the business sectors and so as the individuals are always in want to get the photographer services as meant best for so many of the reasons. Business sectors do want to take the services of the photographers just for the purpose of promotion of their products for the side of the brochures. Most of the time realtors also take the services of the photographers too as where they can find it easy to sell their homes.

Create a Business Plan:

In the next step, you should be heading on with the creation of the business plan to bring the development aspects in it. You should be adding the business plan with the features of the services you are offering, details about your business and financial aspects too. You should be highlighting your mission and vision too. You should not be missing out giving a quick timeline details about the pricing structure as well. This is an important thing to look out for!

Create an Attractive Business Name:

Now it’s time to give a name to your business! Always remember that your brand name is very much important in order to make your business identified inside the marketplaces.  You should be setting it with something that is really inspiring and should be targeting the audience too.

Start Establishing your Business Officially:

In the next step it’s time when you should be thinking about giving your business with the establishment of being official on terms. As you are all set with the name of the business and so as its settings, you should obtain business license or permits as required by your city or county. You should be clear much in giving your brand name with the legal registration inside the marketplaces.


So, these have been few of the important and main points which you probably do need to keep in mind when it comes to the successful establishment of the photography business in Pakistan.

Follow the guidelines carefully! All the Best!

Bridal Beauty Treatments That Should Never Be Done Before Wedding Day

Sometime the bride is not looking that much stunning and exceptional with her beauty looks on the main wedding day the way she do look on the ordinary days! What is the main reason behind it? Well you can’t always blame the makeup expert for doing bad make over tricks on you.  There are certain kinds of the beauty bridal treatments which you should not be carrying out as before the main wedding day. This is probably making your whole personality and the bridal appearance turns out to be dull, drab and boring looking.

Check out the below list of some of the important bridal beauty treatments that you should never be choosing to do before the main wedding day: Let’s check out!

Mistake No 1: Doing Salon Facials:

The biggest mistake you probably do is carrying out with the salon facials. You should be avoiding doing it by all means at the time of your main wedding day. It is to be mentioned that salon facials are not at all meant for the pre bridal skin. You might have a conception in mind that facial makes your skin look fresh and glowing on the wedding day, so why probably we are avoiding you. This is for the reason that such salon facials will be ending up giving your skin harmful results that would be resulting into the allergy as well as skin irritation of red spots and much more. It has been estimated around that almost 47% of the brides who do the facial salon before the main wedding day will be getting acne after 7-21 days later on.

Mistake No 2: Carrying out New Home Remedies:

As your wedding day get closer, your mother or grandmother would start making you learn about using home remedies for the clear fresh skin tone. They will make you offer the face packs that at home. But are these homemade face packs really healthy enough for the skin. Home remedies are not bad at all but still we would make you advice to miss out trying or experimenting with some of the new home made remedies on your skin. Sometime the natural ingredients too can turn out to be allergic or irritating for the skin especially the one which are sensitive. One of the ingredients that can really come up with some issues is the lemon that is dangerous and unhealthy for the mild skin texture.

Mistake No 3: Using Peels:

Peels have been known all over the world as the best product for adding the skin with the freshness and glowing texture taste. But at the same time they are also accountable as for bringing about with the greater number of the skin results in view with the acne or the pigmentation.

Well there are quite a few main important things which you should probably be avoiding when it comes to the wedding day makeup.

Be careful! Don’t spoil your special day!

An Exhibition Of Documentary Photography Is Happening On The Streets Of Lahore As A Part Of Pakistan Photo Festival

Last Saturday a three-day exhibition of documentary photography began in the streets of Lahore as a part of the scheduled activities of the Pakistan Photo Film Festival (PPF). The temporary gallery was set up with the intent of creating awareness on social issues. The stills and portraits of nine young artists handpicked across the nation are up for viewing to passers-by or to whoever has interest in the project at the Kalma Chowk and in every Central Metro stations across the city.

According to the PFF every photographer participating in the event comes from a half-year tenure in Lahore, where they go the chance to produce, create and work in projects depicting brutal realities affecting the nation on economic levels, as well as social issues and legal rights. Some of the biggest names in the photography business in the UAE are standing behind the project by offering their full support to the young artist as well as mentoring if required.

People like Asim Rafiqui, Shah Zaman Baloch, Matthieu Paley, Mahesh Shantaram and Wendy Marijnissen got involved by assisting with their knowledge in extended sessions of discussion, where ideas were exchanged about the ways to create awareness on social issues through the lens of a camera.


The work of each artist is as diverse as their backgrounds. This was enough of an incentive for the PPF organizers to switch the location of the event from the usually renewed galleries to more public access. Where just a few could have enjoyed the work of the young talents now 1.3 million people can view it in a single day.

Some of the most outstanding work of each participant is easily identified by the professional mentoring them. Salman Alam Khan was mentored by Matthieu Paley, who works as a contributor for National Geographic in France. He created a set of portraits called “Knitted Beliefs” where he captures the colorful dimensions of Narayanapura, a very popular village located in Karachi City.

Ema Anis chose to showcase the ongoing routines of a gated community in a project called “White Street Journal”. While Nida Mehboob created a gallery display focusing on discrimination issues faced by minorities across the country in a project called “Shadow Lives”. She was mentored by Wendy Marijnissen a freelancer from Belgium.

Faizan Adil shows some hard realities about nursing homes in the city of Pakistan in a project called “Industry of Dissolving Portraits”. Shaista Chishty created a gallery of images showing the evolution of a family after moving from Pakistan to the UK after the events of the partition, where the land was seceded from India under the British Empire rule. It was called “One Pound in my Pocket” and Wendy Marijnissen was her guide through the project.

Maryam Altaf from Lahore got in contact with taxi drivers across the country to tell their stories on how they have been affected by the rise of carpool services such as Uber and Lyft in series of portraits called “Conversations in Transit”. She was mentored by independent photographer AsimRafiqui. On the other hand, Aziz Changezi from Quetta is showing how a number of families earn a living through recycling in a project called “Scavenging for Wealth”. He was mentored by Didier Ruef a documentary photographer from Switzerland. Who also worked with Faizan Ahmad an artist who used his storytelling skills to create a compelling series of portraits showcasing the everyday tales of regular people in a project called “From The Metro Bus: The Uncommon Stories of the Common People”.

The last participant is Ramis Abbas who worked with a group of students offering proposals for a better functioning society with clear political rules and a consolidated legal system. His project is named “The Past That Could Not Be” and it was mentored by Mahesh Shantaram, a well-known photographer from India.

For the Pakistan Photo Film Festival, the Idea behind this exhibition is to create new spaces to showcase art using public spaces. They aim to take break the cycle of restricted audiences to everything related to photography and they hope to attract viewers of every social group to enjoy the images and the stories told through every portrait.

hijabi bride

8 Hijabi Brides So Serene You Can’t Help But Say Mashallah

Did you ever thought about styling yourself in the hijab at the time of your main wedding day? No doubt that Hijab style has been always taken to be one of the best ways out of the dressing in order to add your personality with the elegance and feel of being sophisticated looking in the crowd.

If you can imagine looking different in the crowd, then feel the way how elegant you can turn out to be with hijab on the main wedding day? In Muslim countries, where Hijab is a compulsory piece of clothing for the women, in such countries you will be finding the brides loving to wear hijab on their main wedding day as well.

hijabi bride

Such brides go serene! As you would be making the search around you would be finding so many of the different styles of the hijab trends that are ideal meant for the brides on their main wedding day.

  • You can alternate out with the choice of the beige hijab style for the main wedding day. As in favor of the nuptial stylebook, you can think about choosing with the beige outfit and a coordinated hijab. On top, you can amazingly put the layering of the gold-and-pearl mathapatti. This simply looks so amazing.
  • Some of the brides are in love to sport with the flawless style of the hijabs under their veils. You can make it get along with the pairing set up of the red lehenga as well as giving your eyes with the makeup  tone of the smoky-eye realness.
  • These days the trend of wearing lace style of the hijabs is getting out of the ordinary popular as well. This simply turns out to look impressive stylish and inspirational looking. You can add the hijab style of the wedding dress all through with the lace gloves to the fluffy tulle to the glittering headband that is so brilliant looking.
  • It would look so perfect as you would be adding the hijab veil in the contrasting mode timeline effect. You can amazingly make it get matching the veil all by means of the amethyst jewellery. This is so love looking!
  • Monotone style of the hijab will turn out to be look so excellent and impressive for your main wedding day. You can make it think about all dressed with the fuchsia from head to toe to add the bridal personality with the fascinating effects.

You can learn more about the latest trends and styles of the hijab styles for the main wedding day by checking out the fashion websites. You need to be very much alert in order to match the hijab with your wedding day so that at the end of the day it would turn out to be appear as complimenting looking for others.

So what are you waiting for? Try with the elegant latest trend of bridal hijab styles right now and make yourself feel like the princesses!